Rules for I Round of Innovative Model Presentation to be held at Host Institutes

In this festival the students will have to present a innovative research which has either direct relevance to a common man or the findings can be an immediate alternative to the present state of the art.

1. All the participating teams will have to submit a fresh registration form (on paper) to the host institute on the day of competition, failing which they will be allowed to participate but the model will not be judged.

2. Model/Project has to be in the form of Live Demonstration & should be based on innovative ideas in any of the given categories/area.

3. An abstract in maximum 500 words (A4 paper, Times New Roman, 12 size) including aims, objectives, methodology, findings etc. should accompany each entry.

4. Softcopy of the Full length project report and presentation has to be submitted either as a .doc or as .docx file in a CD properly marked with following details: Discipline: e.g. Mechanical Model Presentation Registration No., Title of the Model, Names of the students and Mentor with mobile nos. and Name of the Institutes.

5. Maximum number of participants representing each Model is restricted to five students essentially consisting of students from each year i.e. I, II, III and IV. Students may or may not be from the same college. One mentor/supervising person is mandatory. He/she has to be a Professional/Engineer in the relevant field, not necessarily from the engineering/pharmacy educational institute.

6. All participants with valid Identity Card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event and must produce the same at the time of competition.

7. All contestants are expected to display & present orally their models alongwith four A0 size posters containing Concept, Methodology, Diagrammatic Representation and Benefits in Social Life.

8. Presentation of the model may be done in English as well as Hindi. Presentation will be done only by the student and not by the guides, mentors or teacher. Participants are advised to make power point presentation of 15 slides to present their models.

9. Each participant will be provided with specific entry code from the concerned discipline. Therefore the participant is strictly instructed to avoid the personal names or college names or any other identity mark on the models and posters.

10. All required basic infrastructural facilities like working space, electricity, water, tables, LCD projector for presentation etc. will be made available by HOST Institute.

11. The software application should be fully functional and implemented, any program/software not executing properly will not be considered for final judgment.

12. Atleast two participants are required to be present at the time of evaluation, failing which the model will automatically disqualify the competition.

13. There will be a panel of three judges for each discipline and the decision of the panel of judges will be final and would not be challenged.

14. Srijan 2018 Organizing Team reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to adhere to the above-mentioned rules.

15. All the shortlisted teams will be informed about their selection on the last day of the event. Abstract alongwith photographs of the model, poster and video of the working model must also be submitted before the start of the event at host institute and also at email_id with subject line as : e.g. Model for EC, Registration No.______ if any.

16. Declaration : The participant should bring the following certificate duly countersigned by the Mentors/supervisors and Head of Department on institute’s letterhead and submit to the coordinator of the event in the day of presentation failing which they will be disqualified.